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Window Wrap

Crash Mask

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  • 3 Mil available in 36" Clear, 18" White, 36" White, 24" Blue
  • 4 Mil available in 12", 18" or 36" Clear
  • Choose a thickness and size. If product says "unavailable," choose a different thickness.

Our Lee Window film is available in clear so you can see inside the vehicle or opaque so you can hide the contents. It also has an aggressive stick and UV inhibitors to withstand any dirt, sun, rain, snow, animals, and critters trying to get in.

Auto body shops and tow truck drivers rely heavily on sticky window wrap to protect the inside of cars they transport or work on. Rainwater and the elements can seep into the car's interior through any small opening or crack, leading to damage and costly repairs. By using sticky window wrap, these professionals can create a barrier that prevents rainwater from entering the car's interior, thus protecting the upholstery, electronics, and other components. Furthermore, using sticky window wrap can help maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, as customers expect their cars to be returned in the same condition as they were before the repairs (or better if being repaired) or towing. Therefore, it is crucial for auto body shops and tow truck drivers to stock up on sticky window wrap to ensure that they can continue to provide quality service to their customers even in adverse weather conditions.

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MT-4U01-410-CL 36x200