Automotive and Industrial Safety Supplies

We specialize in Auto Salvage, Auto Body, and Industrial Safety Products to meet your business needs.

  • Auto Salvage

    Products to help you manage vehicles from the crash site to the salvage yard and auction site. Make your job easier with the Lee Bumper Bag, Lee Tube Wrap and Lee Cable Seal.

  • Auto Body

    Wipes, wheel covers, gloves, spray booth filters, and other important products to safely and efficiently work on vehicles.

  • Industrial Safety Products

    Safety products that will cover you from head to toe. Products include head, hand, ear and respiratory protection, as well as a full line of spill control and containment products.

Lee Tube Wrap

Wrap the entire vehicle with our specialty tube wrap.

24' x 100' Tube

Lee Bumper Bag

Store the bumper and other parts inside this bag to help protect the car's interior.

50 Bags / Roll

Lee Cable Seal

An internal locking mechanism prevents the cable from being retracted. Great for securing car keys to the steering wheel.

500 or 100 pack