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White Poly UV Tape

Polyethylene Tape with Serrated Edge

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Our UV tape is 7 Mil. and contains UV inhibitors to protect against ultraviolet rays that may otherwise break down the tape. We have designed this tape to leave as little residue as possible upon removal. The edges are serrated, which will allow you to tear the tape without a knife when applying.

  • Polyethylene Film Backing
  • Conformable and flexible
  • Excellent durability and solvent resistance
  • Low elongation for consistent surface bond
  • Pinked Edge available for hand tear-ability

Synthetic Rubber Adhesive

  • High tack for good quick stick
  • Excellent shear strength
  • Reposition-able and clean removal from many surfaces

Low VOC, Contains no heavy metals (such as lead and chromium)

  • Environmentally friendly & safe to use

Adhesive Type: Rubber

Carrier / Support / Facestock: PE (Polyethylene) Film

Elongation %:   85%

Gauge / Mil:  7.0 mil

Operating Temp Range:  20 to 200 °F

Peel Strength / Adhesion to Backing (oz/in):  35 oz/in 

Peel Strength / Adhesion to Steel: 75 oz/in

Performance Category / Characteristics:  Low VOC | Clean Removal*

Tensile Strength:  25 lb/in

WVTR (Water Vapor Transmission Rate): 0.11 US Perms

Product Construction: Single-Coated Tape

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