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Eagle Abrasives

Super Assilex Abrasive Discs (7 holes)

Box of 25

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Super Assilex discs are the perfect sanding medium that provides speed, uniform coverage and extremely shallow sanding pattern. It prevents irregular scratches caused by Non-woven products or the risk of over-sanding caused by standard abrasive sheets. No Scuffing Compounds needed, no color residues to clean-up. Pre-punched hole pattern discs and interface pad are ready for vacuum assist sanding.

Ideal for

  • Light scuffing on base coat
  • Sanding primer surfacer before painting
  • Scuffing on ED Primer Coat of new parts
  • Blending between repair and non-repair areas
  • Scuffing old paint or bumpers before painting
  • Removes wax, incrustations, dirt and dust


  • Fast and uniform coverage, leaves no unsanded areas
  • Extremely shallow scratch pattern, safe from "over-sanding"
  • Flexible contact, ideal for concave and convex areas
  • Efficiently removes wax, incrustations, dirt and dust
  • Time saving of 50% or more thus greatly improves productivity

Form Factor: Disc

Size: 6" Diameter

Packaging: Box

Quantity: 25

Attachment Type: Super-Tack

Application: Dry

Vacuum Assist: 7 Holes

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