HVAC Zip Ties

Technicians love the durabilty of reliability of Lee Supply Cable Zip Ties. Nylon ties are available in heavy duty (175 lb.) and medium duty (50 lb.)

Stainless steel cable ties are engineered with all the design of conventional ties but made from one of the strongest materials in the world. This makes it ideal for situations that require a higher level of resistance, strength, and durability.

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Installers use zip ties in various ways during the installation process

Electrical Wires

One common use of zip ties is to secure electrical wires and cables in place, helping to prevent them from becoming tangled or damaged. HVAC systems require a lot of wiring, so zip ties are essential to keep the installation neat and organized.


Zip ties are also used to fasten ductwork together. They can be used to secure flexible ductwork to the HVAC system's main ductwork or to connect two pieces of rigid ductwork. This ensures that the ductwork is secure and airtight, preventing air leaks and improving the system's efficiency


Another use of zip ties in HVAC installation is to secure insulation in place. Insulation is critical to prevent heat loss or gain, and zip ties can help hold the insulation in place around ductwork or pipes.